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Esperanza Guisán
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Vol. 1 Núm. 1 (1992), Artículos
Recibido: 28-11-2012 Aceptado: 28-11-2012
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This reply to «Against System in Ethics», stresses both agreement and desagreement between the authoress and Griffin's point ofview.There is an argument for a strong  link between the prudential and the moral, as well as for the relevance of personal excelence and personal flourishing. However there is a propossal here  to make personal, individual, flourishing dependent on sympathetic feelings and a broad frame of mind so to embrace individual and personal flourishing for everybody else.Griffin's aminating  aim, is brought from the background to the front now, as the authoress believes that general benevolence frees every single person from petty feelings and misery (moral and otherwise).
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