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Tsutomu Akamatsu
Reino Unido
Vol. 25 (2019), Especial: Fonología y fonética , Páginas 345-438
Recibido: 10-09-2019 Aceptado: 04-04-2020 Publicado: 07-07-2020
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In functional phonology, the commutation test is the only theoretically justifiable analytic procedure that enables us to elicit, identify and establish the phonemes and the archiphonemes of a given language. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how, in my view, we can perform the commutation test in order to establish the consonant phonemes and archiphonemes of British English known as RP (Received Pronunciation). To conduct the commutation test, I will proceed with the analysis step by step in order to arrive at the complete system of consonant phonemes and archiphonemes of English. I provide tables of the phonological contents of all the phonemes and archiphonemes established as well as diagrams of the phonematic units so as to show the relationships into which the phonematic units mutually enter.

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