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Tsutomu Akamatsu
University of Leeds
Reino Unido
Vol. 21 (2015), Artículos
Recibido: 15-12-2014 Aceptado: 18-12-2015 Publicado: 01-06-2016
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The genesis of the term ‘signeme’ which was first mentioned by Daniel Jones is investigated. This is followed by discussions of each ‘signemes’ that Jones mentions, viz., those of phone, of length, of stress, of pitch, and of juncture. The difference between ‘stress’ and ‘prominence’ as Jones understands is briefly clarified. The terminological laxity revolving round ‘opposition’ and ‘contrast’, behind which lies a conceptual laxity, among many contemporary writers, is criticized. One appreciatively emphasizes Jones’s correct view that it is the location of ‘stress’, not ‘stress’ itself (but see SerboCroat) that functions distinctively. Jones’s contribution to clarifying certain phonetic phenomena by applying the criterion of syllable division (instead of applying junctures) is highlighted. The paper ends with a prognostication of any possible use or non-use of the term ‘signeme’ in linguistics.
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