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José Montoya Sáenz
Universidad de Valencia
Vol. 5 Núm. 1 (1996): La polémica entre John Harsanyi y Amartya Sen., Artículos
Recibido: 15-12-2012 Aceptado: 15-12-2012 Publicado: 01-01-2002
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Bentham's critical statements on the Declaration of Human Rights of the French revolutionaries are supposed to be merely of historical value, as directed against a dated formulation. Against this, it is argued that the essential point of Bentham's argument is valid against any intuitivist interpretation of human rights (that is, against interpretations that take human rights as ultimate, absolute data) but are agreeable with an interpretation that takes Human Rights to be preferred lines of action that are normally conducive to the greatest general hapiness.

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