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Maria-Carmen GUISAN
University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Vol 23 No 4 (2014), Presentation
Submitted: 17-09-2015 Accepted: 17-09-2015 Published: 17-09-2015
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For the first time, in 23 years of publication of journal Revista Galega de Economia (RGE), we have the opportunity to launch an special issue, in year 2014, on international perspectives in English. Until now the journal has published a few articles in English and many articles with regional, national and international perspectives in Spanish. This issue is one important step to increase the level of internationalization of the RGE, both to foster the international readership of interesting publications by researchers from this region and country and to integrate international perspectives for development by authors from other countries. Here we present the contributions of this issue and references to other interesting articles, with international perspective, published in Galicia.

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