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Ana María López-Villuendas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Cristina del Campo
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Vol 31 No 2 (2022): Special Issue. Euroregions in Perspective: Old issues and new challenges for cooperation, Articles, pages 1-19
Submitted: 26-02-2022 Accepted: 31-05-2022 Published: 23-09-2022
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The close cooperative relations between the regions of Galicia and Northern Portugal since the early 1980's have led to the creation of a Euroregion to coordinate joint actions in pursuit of their mutual development. The question of whether such bonds between the cross-border regions can contribute to reducing inequality between them and to their convergence remains unclear. Therefore, the objective of this analysis is to contribute to this discussion by exploring the phenomenon of convergence in the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euroregion in the period 1980-2019. The results show a reduction in economic inequality throughout the entire period and an absolute convergence at the same economic level, proving that the cooperation between these regions has led to a cohesion process.