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Fernando González-Laxe
Universidade da Coruña – Facultade de Economía e Empresa
Vol 29 No 1 (2020), Articles, pages 1-17
Submitted: 08-11-2019 Accepted: 13-12-2019 Published: 10-05-2020
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The EU lacks a single legislation on port matters, except for provisions concerning port facilities and the operations of certain technical port services. Europe has more than 1200 ports,  of which 319 are global and basic, integrated into the TransEuropean Transport Networks as a whole. Ports play an essential role in the EU trade and passenger services, as they are key nodes in global trade networks. 74% of non-EU trade takes place through ports. The European port sector is not homogeneous and is based  on different organizational models. European port diversity (in term of size and type of organizational) makes it difficult to define a joint strategy. This work addresses the analysis of progress in the construction of a common port policy, as well as the different cross-conceptions of the maritime port business agents. 

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