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Aida Míguez Barciela
Universidad de Vigo
Vol. 35 Núm. 1 (2016), Estudios
Recibido: 17-12-2014 Aceptado: 15-09-2015 Publicado: 09-11-2015
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The aim of this paper is to outline an interpretation of three Pindaric Odes which recount from three different perspectives the foundation of Kyrene. Besides an analysis of the formal problems that arise from the fact that a melic poem embarks himself in telling a certain story, we consider that the polis grows up from an uprooting movement that crystallizes in the figure of an island, i.e. the land that wanders in the sea. Finally we make some remarks about the founding act itself, paying attention to the presuppositions that make that act difficult to understand for the modern reader.

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