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Beltrán Puentes Cociña
Grupo de investigación ARMELA. Departamento de Dereito Público e Teoría do Estado. Universidade de Santiago de Compostela.
Vol 33 No 2 (2024): Special Issue. Circular economy, sustainability and degrowth, Special, pages 1-23
Submitted: 07-11-2023 Accepted: 19-02-2024 Published: 19-04-2024
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The circular economy strategy of the European Union has undertaken one of its objectives, which is the need to reform ecodesign legislation, and has therefore approved several regulations for specific product categories that, for the first time, regulate material efficiency aspects such as product durability and repairability. The Commission's proposal for a new ecodesign framework regulation seeks to extend the scope of the current directive and generalize the use of durability and repairability requirements. This paper explores what role the principles of the circular economy should play for product eco-design and how sufficient the latest regulatory reforms have been in promoting products that are more circular. Important steps have been taken, such as the obligation to provide spare parts for several products, but there are still some weaknesses regarding the scope of application, the lack of legislative development and the role of the industry in the creation of the standards.