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Carlos M. Fernández-Jardón Fernández
ECOBAS - Universidade de Vigo
Xavier Martinez Cobas
Universidade de Vigo
Vol 31 No 2 (2022): Special Issue. Euroregions in Perspective: Old issues and new challenges for cooperation, Articles, pages 1-21
Submitted: 07-04-2022 Accepted: 13-07-2022 Published: 23-09-2022
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This paper analyses a cross-border value chain in the area of the River Minho. To do so, a gross value added estimation of the value chain per municipality on both sides of the border has been carried out. By doing this, homogeneous magnitudes could be used and the generation of value in each area could be compared. Subsequently, the level of productive integration for the three main activities (fishing, viticulture, and vegetable and market gardening) has been analysed using a representative survey. The results indicate the relevance of the production part of the chain on the Galician side. Analysis per subchain presents basic levels of integration for suppliers and customers and medium levels of integration for the end consumer. In the fields of cooperation and innovation, integration barely exists and leaves the door open for joint development in the cross-border area.