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Philippe Meers
University of Antwerp
Daniel Biltereyst
Ghent University
José Carlos Lozano
Texas A&M International University
Vol. 2 Núm. 9 (2018), Proyectos, Páginas 161-168
Recibido: 15-11-2018 Aceptado: 26-11-2018 Publicado: 19-12-2018
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The Cultura de la Pantalla network consists of an international group of film, media and communication researchers in (Latin) America (Mexico, Colombia, US) and Europe (Belgium, Spain) collaborating in a series of multi-method longitudinal studies on urban cinema cultures in the Spanish language world. The network is writing ‘new cinema histories’ with a focus on exhibition, programming and audience experiences. First we briefly look back at the development of the network and its roots in The Enlightened City project. Then the conceptual framework that inspires it, new cinema history,  is defined and the basic three part model is explained,  with its central research questions and methods. In a last part, preliminary results from one of the case studies are complemented with reflections on the overall goal of the network, i.e. to present local, national, regional and cross-continental comparative studies on historical cinema cultures.

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