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Domingo Calvo Dopico
Universidade da Coruña - Facultade de Economía e Empresa
Ángel María del Castillo Puente
EAE Business School
Jonathan Neptali Herrera Peña
Universidad Técnica de Machala
Vol 29 No 3 (2020), Articles, pages 1-17
Submitted: 30-03-2020 Accepted: 29-05-2020 Published: 09-09-2020
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In 2007, the Azucarera company successfully launched a new sugar container in order to improve product differentiation. Twelve years after launching the new product, the aim is to analyze the evaluation of the attributes of the packaging that add value to it, the intention to buy and the willingness to pay a premium for the new packaging compared to the orixinal one. Based on the expertise obtained after the launch of the product, this study analyzes, in addition to the consumer's point of view, the manufacturer of the container, the distributor and the company that produces sugar. The results reveal that the consumer is not only predisposed to buy the new package but is willing to pay price premium over the traditional package in addition to significantly assessing the main dimensions of the package such as ease of use, tightness and hygiene.

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