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Deepak Kumar Behera
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Vol 25 No 2 (2016), Artigos, páxinas 117-132
Recibido: 18-11-2016 Aceptado: 18-11-2016 Publicado: 18-11-2016
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One of the challenges to the National Statistical Systems worldwide is to capture
the indicators of socio-economic progress from the current available framework. The limits
of traditional indicators provide little insights about the extent of well being realised in the
society, since there is no automatic link between growth and development which aims at
improving human and social welfare. Therefore, different countries had tried various
approaches to measure their progress of the society. India’s experience with measuring
progress in the society ranges from computation of composite index to adoption of a
development strategy that emphasises human welfare and well-being of the society as
central to all development planning. In this connection, this paper limits its scope to some of
the challenges and possibilities in the Indian system for developing the indicators of social

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