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Selahattin GÜR??
Mármara University, Turkey
Burak GÜR??
Istambul University, Turkey
Turgut ÜN
Mármara University, Turkey
Vol 25 No 2 (2016), Articles, pages 95-100
Submitted: 18-11-2016 Accepted: 18-11-2016 Published: 18-11-2016
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This paper investigates the validity of the Fisher Hypothesis in Turkey covering
the period 2003 – 2012. To test validity of Fisher Hypothesis, this paper uses an
Autoregressive Distributed Lag test for threshold cointegration recently introduced in the
literature by Li and Lee (2010). The empirical results which are obtained from this paper
indicate that Fisher hypothesis is valid for Turkey, meaning nominal interest rates would
be an important leading indicator for inflation.
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